What was the result of your latest CQC inspection?
Our recent inspection in September 2017 showed that we were classified as 'good' and fully compliant with all CQC essential standards. In past inspections we have also received many positive comments about our highly individualised person-centred care.

Do you accept residential care or respite care?
Yes we do and we can tailor our care levels to the individual needs of residents

What if I’m not sure my mum is ready for nursing care?
It’s a massive decision so please contact our senior team and they will help.  sometimes an informal visit for lunch and perhaps an activity session will answer and reassure any questions.

Do you accept residents with dementia?
Yes we do look after residents with dementia.  We offer a safe secure suite with access to secure sensory gardens.

How can you provide personalised care for such a range of residents?
We start to personalise our residents’ care even before they are admitted to the home through a detailed assessment of their needs and requirements. We spend a great deal of time trying to understand as much as we can about our residents likes and dislikes and what makes them the individual that they are.

What is the difference between a family run home and a large corporation?
As long as the philosophy of a home is completely oriented to individualised care it doesn’t matter if there are five or eighty residents. The commitment of the home for the last 10 years has been to encourage residents and their families to continue family life with our support when needed.

How do you ensure staff remain up to date with their training?
We are massively committed to the professional development of our staff. Clinically we are a lead home in the area and every member of staff has is encouraged to set goals and attend as much trainging as possible.

Will my relative be expected to fit into the routines of the home?
The short answer to this is no. Every resident can chose when their day starts and when they want to go to bed and all things in-between.

What are the visiting times?
There are no restrictions on visiting you can visit whenever you like. Visitors are encouraged to join in with the vast array of activities and meals if they wish.