Our Care

Beginning a new life at Hatchmoor

We are open to anyone over 65 as long as it is felt that Hatchmoor will be the best place to cater for their nursing needs. To make sure the right decision is being made we undertake a detailed assessment before offering a place and contact doctors, social workers, nurses and family where necessary. We also accept residents under 65 with predominantly nursing needs.

Making your decisions easier

It can be a distressing time facing a new life away from familiar comforts. It is a big decision. We understand this and will always do everything in our power to make sure that the transition from home or hospital to Hatchmoor is as smooth, fast and comfortable as possible. We encourage all our residents and their friends and family to come on an extended visit before finalising their decision and usually agree on a settling in period to make sure everyone is happy.

Developing a personal care plan

When we welcome any new resident we work with them, their doctor, district nurse, social worker and family to develop an individual care plan. This includes diet, mobility, medicine and taking care of their religious needs – whatever they might be. Care plans are an important part of our care giving and are reviewed regularly to make sure we continue to accommodate every changing need. We also welcome open discussions about the service we provide, especially from family friends, carers and the residents themselves.

A friendly face for better care

When it comes to daily care we firmly believe that the relationship between patient and carer is a very important part of a harmonious life at Hatchmoor. Mutual trust and familiarity make caring easier and more effective so we make sure that every resident has an allocated team to care for them on a regular basis. All staff members hold relevant qualifications and are fully CRB checked before beginning employment with us.

Food and nutrition

As part of every resident’s care plan we assess their dietary needs and cater for them accordingly. We favour fresh, delicious and nutritious food and use seasonal produce from our vegetable garden whenever we can. Serving times are kept as flexible as possible with meals available either in residents’ dining rooms or in their room.

Staying in touch

We actively encourage visiting and remain open to visitors 24 hours a day. Residents may entertain friends and family in the residents’ lounges, library, gardens or in their rooms. Each bedroom can accept direct dial telephone lines so that residents can bring their existing telephone number with them. Wifi internet is also available through out the building and electronic tablets are available for use by all.