Our Home

At Hatchmoor we enable residents to live as independently as they wish but always safe in the knowledge that we provide the very best in nursing care should they need it. Our facilities, and the people that help to run them, are there to provide support and stimulation and to help maximise each and every resident’s physical, intellectual emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing. 

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and meet their standards of care and living accommodation, although in many cases we exceed it.

Living accommodation

The living accommodation at Hatchmoor has been carefully designed to provide a ready-made sense of community yet with the ability to retain privacy and preserve dignity at all times. It is arranged over two floors with bedrooms arranged in groups of eight on each floor.

  • Each group of eight bedrooms has its own lounge and dining room with quiet areas where residents can eat, relax and spend time together.
  • Kitchens are available for residents’ supervised use on each floor for making tea, coffee and light snacks.
  • In addition to every room having ensuite facilities, each floor has a bathroom with hoists where residents can take baths with or without assistance.
  • Main meals are served in each dining room or in residents’ rooms.
  • The library on the first floor provides a quiet refuge overlooking the sensory garden
  • The building has two lifts to take residents to the first and second floors, one of which can carry 24 people or a hospital bed.
  • Corridors are wide and spacious with handrails.
  • All doors are wide enough to accommodate hospital beds and the safe and easy delivery of furniture.

Bedroom accommodation 

All bedrooms at Hatchmoor are spacious and enjoy fine panoramic views of open countryside or peaceful views of the sensory garden. Some enjoy both. Every bedroom, at 25 m2 including the en suite, is significantly larger than the minimum bedroom size set out by the Care Quality Commission and has ample room for private dining, relaxing or socialising.

  • All bedrooms have en suite ‘wet’ rooms with showers WC and basin, as well as nurse call systems.
  • Windows in every residential bedroom are low so that all residents can enjoy the fine views from all rooms.
  • Every bedroom comes with its own bedroom furniture, although residents are welcome to bring their own favourite pieces.
  • As standard, each room contains a bed, a bedside table, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a dining table and chairs.
  • Beds are fully adjustable with push button controls and pressure relieving mattresses with memory foam that are proven to help aid bedsores.
  • For safety, all bedrooms have hardwired nurse call systems and high sockets to make life easier.
  • We believe that keeping in touch with relatives and friends is important so each bedroom has facilities for residents to have their own telephone line and number.
  • Wifi internet access is available in all bedrooms.