Via our latest CQC Report

"The staff are very good and do a perfect job. You've got to say so when they do it well"; "They (staff) do such a good job – couldn't say anything against them."

Relatives said, "The staff are well trained to support Mum's needs, to make it as much like home as possible without being told what to do" and "The staff seem to be well trained and know their jobs. I have full confidence in them..."

"They always let us know and contact the family if they need to change medicines or even if they are mildly ill with a tummy bug or something" and "...they tell us if even the slightest thing – fall or anything. The staff are well trained - I don't know how they do it."

"I find the food here to be very good, there is more than I can eat and we get offered a choice"; "The food is excellent...plenty to eat and we get three or four choices" and "There is always plenty, and yes if it's a hot meal it is served hot". A relative said, "The staff will go out of their way to find her something she likes to eat."